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PITA 22 is all about delicious pita bread, hummus, shawarma, kabobs, and salads, cooked from scratch and made from the freshest ingredients. Enjoy hummus, chicken shawarma, beef kabobs, falafel, shakshuka, salads and more in our famous house made pita, or in a bowl. Try our original house made hummus with various toppings for an exciting burst of flavors and come back to taste all 22 of our dishes for a full experience.


Restaurant owner and chef Avi grew up in Haifa and lives in San Diego with his wife and 4 kids. Avi grew up in his mother’s kitchen tasting, watching, and later cooking along side her, wonderful dishes from the best that the Land of Israel has to offer. His connection to food and passion for cooking extends beyond the kitchen and he has always been close to the land and sea. As a child he grew up fishing in the Mediterranean Sea, picking mangos with his friends along the Sea of Galilee, milking cows and tending to chickens on the farm in high school, and later as a young adult, building greenhouses down in Mexico.

After operating for over 10 years
Pastalini, a local Italian pasta and pizza restaurant, and catering Middle Eastern food, Israeli style, for the past 5 years, he is thrilled to open up his new restaurant. He decided to get back to his roots and he wanted to bring all those amazing flavors of the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine to the San Diego community. PITA 22 is a tribute to tradition and to good wholesome cooking that he is excited for you to share around the table with your family and friends.

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